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Alaska Experience Jul 28, 2024 —Aug 09, 2024

When Science and Society Collide: Case Studies from Alaska — Biology, Earth & Environmental Science

  Course Description:
This class introduces students to historical and current conflicts in Alaska related to energy exploration, climate change, health care, and economic development -- and the role of science in informing decision-making. Discover the rich history of Alaskan cultures and the challenges for meeting societal needs in a sustainable manner. Ecological changes will be examined through field trips to glaciers in retreat, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, salmon fisheries, the protected wilderness of Denali National Park, and earthquake sites. Students will gain insights into sustainable options for future growth and development and explore issues related to health care delivery to native Alaskan populations.

Belize Anthropology Jun 10, 2024 —Jul 02, 2024

Ethnographic Field School in Belize — Anthropology

  Course Description:

This course immerses students in Belizean culture and trains them in contemporary anthropological field methods. Students will gain research skills to apply in their future careers, an appreciation for Belizean cultural diversity, and further their personal growth. While in Belize, students will be primarily engaged in guided applied ethnographic fieldwork. Students will learn about the local culture by doing participant-observation and conducting ethnographic interviews in a community-based research project. Students will learn research ethics, unobtrusive observation, participant observation, field note writing and coding, ethnographic interviewing, ethnolinguistic data collection, community mapping, and other ethnographic methods in addition to basic ethnographic writing.

Belize L&S May 21, 2024 —Jun 03, 2024

Tropical Biology in Belize — Biology, Earth & Environmental Science

  Course Description:
Experience two of Earth's most diverse ecosystems by exploring both a tropical rainforest and a coral reef in Belize. Study the fascinating biotic and abiotic features of these systems and observe the complex interactions of their flora and fauna. In the rainforest, see iguanas, howler monkeys, and leaf cutter ants while gaining insight into the Mayan culture and its use of medicinal plants. On the coral reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere, swim with brilliantly-colored reef fish among the diverse assemblage of corals, sponges, and other invertebrates.

England & Scotland May 27, 2024 —Jun 10, 2024

Storytelling through Media: England and Scotland — Film and Media Studies

  Course Description:
Designed for students who want to expand their cultural horizons while improving their media storytelling, this class takes you to sites of historical and cultural importance in England and Scotland where your imagination will be inspired to produce documentary projects. Paired with a history of geology class, this course will combine visits to places of geological significance with field trips to such historic sites as London’s Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh Castle, and the Scottish Highlands. We’ll interact with Britons to make cross-cultural comparisons and reflect on how foreign travel provides new perspectives on our own culture – and then create documentaries that illustrate those themes.

Great Britain: The Birthplace of Modern Geology — Geology, Biology

  Course Description:
Through the study of rocks and fossils, we now understand some of the fascinating history of our planet and the life upon it, but until surprisingly recently, this was not the case. The first geologists & paleontologists learned how to decipher our story in England & Scotland. Explore one of the greatest natural history museums in the world in London, then visit the home of Charles Darwin and dig for fossils along the Jurassic coast. Next, we will venture northwards and enjoy more castles, culture, and cuisine, and explore the mountainous and mysterious Scottish Highlands.

Ireland Jun 08, 2024 —Jun 24, 2024

Castles, Cathedrals and Cliffs, Drawing Dublin, Galway and More — Art & Design

  Course Description:
Ireland has been calling travelers for centuries -- for its long, rich history, folklore, incredible ancient ruins, and emerald landscape. In this course we will explore, observe, and document life in Ireland, sketching onsite using a compact travel watercolor kit as we discover some of Ireland's oldest castles, cliffs and cathedrals. This course provides you with practical instruction in watercolor and drawing techniques while stimulating your creativity with visits to urban sites such as Dublin’s National Gallery of Art, St Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity College (the Book of Kells) and to rural sites, such as the Cliffs of Moher, and the Aran Islands.

The Chemistry Behind Irish Beers and Spirits — Chemistry

  Course Description:
Explore the chemistry behind Ireland's most iconic beverages and spirits – beer, whisky, and gin. Discover the chemical principles and reactions that power the billion-dollar Irish liquor industry on field trips to historic production sites such as Dublin’s Guinness Brewery and Jameson Distillery. Analyze the chemical profiles of water sources in the Irish countryside, and attend a gin school to learn about plant flavonoid biochemistry. Engage all your senses with the chemistry behind unique colors, flavors, and production of Ireland’s famed beverages, all while experiencing the stunningly beautiful landscape that provides the raw materials necessary for it all.

Digital Storytelling in Ireland — Communication , Broadcasting & Media Studies, Pop Culture / Photography

  Course Description:

Everyone has a story to tell, and in this class students will develop their own stories as they relate to the culture of Ireland by creating audio and video projects on location. We will examine digital media as a tool for seeing, exploring, and expressing cultural identity. While visiting ancient sites, cathedrals, and museums and attending concerts, students will document their experience as a participant observer during this important moment in their lives. You’re invited to take advantage of this opportunity to develop your cultural competency and sensitivity in the process of documenting intercultural stories in Ireland.

This course has broad appeal for students in all majors because their individual projects can be focused on a topic related to their major.

Creative Writing in Ireland — Creative Writing, Literature

  Course Description:
In this intensive, multi-genre, creative writing workshop, you will be challenged to consider the ways in which poetry and fiction can be used to experience "place" and discover ways in which the writers' imagination is broadened through travel. Students will explore all that the great city of Dublin offers in the way of historically and culturally rich sites, such as St. Patrick's Cathedral and Trinity College, and then experience the inspirational beauty of the Irish landscape, from the Cliffs of Moher to countryside associated with Ireland’s writers. Readings will be drawn from a range of Irish texts, offering springboards for our own writing.

Saints, Sinners, & Shamrocks: Exploring the Literature and Landscapes of the Emerald Isle — Literature , Sociology, History

  Course Description:
Gain an understanding of the historical and cultural background of Irish literature by experiencing the locales that have inspired Irish authors over the centuries, including ancient churches and castles, Ireland's beautiful and mystic landscape, and the historic pubs where iconic music still flourishes. From the Aran Islands to the Wicklow Mountains and from seaside villages to Dublin's vibrant urban culture, this class will focus on the sources of Irish literature and the magnificent range of ways that Irish authors have depicted the human condition in such literary genres as romanticism, mysticism, satire, Gothic and realism.

Arts Administration From an International Perspective: Comparing Irish and American Practices — Nonprofit Administration , Public Affairs Policy and Admin, Leadership Studies

  Course Description:

Explore theories and practical skills needed to manage arts and cultural organizations in the United States and Ireland, including art museums, galleries, theaters, symphonies, dance companies, and music festivals. We’ll visit various types of arts and cultural organizations, ranging from larger, well-established, national entities such as the National Irish Museum and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in Dublin to smaller, newer, community-based organizations such as the Limerick Arts Office, Galway Dance Project, and Blue Teapot Theater Company. Along the way, we’ll compare Irish and American practices in such areas as governance systems and structures, program development and management, fund raising, volunteer and community engagement, and marketing and communications.

This course can be taken for upper-division undergraduate credit or for graduate credit.

London Late Summer Jul 14, 2024 —Aug 04, 2024

Experience London's Theatre, Art, Music, and Design — Art and Design , Theatre, Interdisciplinary

  Course Description:

London is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, and home to centuries of theatre, visual art, music, and design. In this class you'll explore some of London's famous sites, but you'll spend even more time discovering unique destinations and experiences that are off the beaten path. You'll see street art and the great masterworks, hear classical and contemporary music, watch cutting edge theatre and productions of Shakespeare, eat traditional British food and try new flavors. You'll even meet and work with some of the artists themselves. You'll experience first-hand how it feels, looks, and sounds as all the arts come together on the vibrant streets of London!

Honors credit available.

Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter: Exploring London through Children's Literature — Education , Theatre, Literature

  Course Description:
Great Britain is the home of many authors of literature for young people. Board a train like WWII child evacuees, walk the London streets like Mary Poppins, and try to find Platform 9 and 3/4 like Harry Potter. Read British children's literature, walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters, and visit the settings of your favorite books. You will see original transcripts and drawings from classic books at the British Library, experience the making of the Harry Potter movies at The Harry Potter Warner Brothers studio tour AND encounter literary history at Stratford-upon-Avon , Shakespeare's birthplace.

Tolkien's Medieval Rings — Literature

  Course Description:

There are no better sites to explore England's rich medieval heritage than Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral and Warwick Castle. These are just highlights among the tentative site visits in this course, which immerses you in the art, architecture and literature of medieval English society all the better to understand the cultural heritage that influenced the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Studying medieval texts such as Beowulf and Dante's Inferno which inspired Tolkien, in addition to visiting sites in Oxford associated with him, will further enhance your understanding of what fired the creative imagination of the author of The Lord of the Rings.

The course is open to any students, regardless of major. You don't have to be an English major; the course content and discussion is geared to a general audience. The course may also be taken for credit in an Honors program or for Graduate credit.

Photography in London: England Through the Camera's Lens — Photography, Art and Design, Communication

  Course Description:

Designed for anyone interested in exploring new places, this fun hands-on course meets photo students, beginners to advanced, at their individual level. By strengthening technical and design skills, the class helps each student create a unique personal portfolio including iconic sites and hidden gems. We’ll visit London’s photo galleries and museums, photograph Big Ben and the Thames from London’s Eye, explore scenic vistas at Kew Gardens, and peek into photography’s fascinating history at its birthplace in rural Wiltshire. Experience the vibrant culture and rich history of London while learning how composition, light, color, exposure, and focus help capture your experience.

Honors credit available.

Studying Psychology in London: Does “Crazy” Have an International Definition? — Psychology , Public Health , Nursing

  Course Description:
This class explores how psychological abnormality and mental illness are defined using international criteria. Is there one way to define “the norm” or does that depend on values unique to a particular culture? By taking field trips in London to relevant sites, such as the Bethlem Museum of the Mind, Freud House Museum, and the Mental Health Museum, and by discussing mental health issues and treatment with British mental health practitioners, students will gain valuable historical and contemporary perspectives on diagnostic psychology. Pre-med students and psychology majors, or those with an interest in social welfare issues, will find the experiential learning in this class uniquely valuable. This class explores how psychological abnormality and mental illness are defined using international criteria. Is there one way to define “the norm” or does that depend on values unique to a particular culture?

London Mid-Summer Jun 23, 2024 —Jul 08, 2024

Contemporary Art Practices in London — Art and Design , Education

  Course Description:
Imagine yourself walking down the streets of London. observing murals, street performers, and interesting architecture, while grabbing some food at a local market on your way to a world-class art museum, like the Royal Academy of Arts, the Tate Modern, or the Victoria and Albert Museum of Applied Arts, Decorative Arts and Design. At the same time, we will be exploring the current art scene, visiting local contemporary galleries, meeting with artists, and seeing art beyond traditional spaces. While this class may satisfy an art appreciation or art history requirement, it is also open to art and design majors seeking a unique experiential opportunity to enhance their skills.

From Grain to Glass: Exploring Adult Beverage Industries — Business , Operations and Supply Chain Management, International Business

  Course Description:
This course explores all business aspects of the brewing, distilling, and wine-making markets in the United Kingdom. London is home to English Dry Gin, unique beer styles, many distributors (and other supply chain partners). This class examines the many factors that affect the supply chain and business decision-making in the alcoholic beverage industry, including the environmental, political, regulatory, and economic aspects impacting this industry now. Visits are planned to distilleries and breweries, as well as suppliers and distributors, from which students will gain a comparative perspective on how the American and British adult beverage industries manage similar issues and challenges.

From Newton to Franklin: A Journey through British Science and Medicine — Chemistry , Biology , Mathematics / Physics

  Course Description:
Take an exciting journey through the history of British science and medicine in this experiential learning opportunity. We'll explore the fascinating stories behind some of science's greatest discoveries and explore their impact on our modern world. By visiting some of the most significant scientific locations in Britain, including universities, laboratories, museums, hospitals, breweries, and crime scenes, science will come to life, and you’ll gain a new appreciation for the ingenuity and persistence of some of Britain's greatest scientific and medical minds, as well as the historical, cultural, and social context for scientific breakthroughs and their practical application.

Green Money: Sustainable Finance in Action — Finance, International Business, Business Administration

  Course Description:
Explore the intersection of finance and sustainability in this unique London-based class, with visits to Fintech companies that are leading the way in sustainable finance. Learn about their environmental practices, including renewable energy investments, carbon pricing, and sustainable investing, that have led to London being ranked #1 in the Global Green Finance Index. Additionally, we will visit London's traditional financial institutions, such as the London Stock Exchange and the Canary Wharf financial district, to understand how they are adapting to low-carbon emissions and sustainability goals. This course provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain a hands-on understanding of the cutting-edge approaches and real-world applications of sustainable finance.

Law in London: Exploring the Bedrock of British Legal Tradition — Legal Studies , History, Literature

  Course Description:

This course will give participants the rare opportunity to experience first-hand the bedrock of the British legal tradition. We will take a step back in time to visit London’s storied Inns of Court where so many distinguished lawyers received their training and also witness wigged barristers in action today at the Old Bailey Criminal Court and the Royal Courts of Justice. Day trips to Oxford and Cambridge Universities will help students understand the academic and cultural context for British legal traditions. This class enables American students to recognize and articulate how American civil and criminal statutes have evolved from the English common law.

Honors or graduate credit is available upon request.

Health through the Ages: Evolution of Healthcare in London — Public Health , Nursing

  Course Description:
History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes. Explore how past understanding of health, disease, and medical treatment, public health policies, and healthcare practices continue to reverberate today. The city of London, dating back to AD 47 and the Roman empire, will serve as our backdrop providing historical insights through visits to sites such as Old Operating Theatre and the Florence Nightingale Museum. Perspectives on modern-day impacts will be gained from hospital visits and interactions with healthcare professionals, with attention to how the UK healthcare model compares/contrasts with the US. This course is designed for future healthcare professionals across disciplines.