CCSA Winter Courses

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London & Dublin Dec 26, 2023 —Jan 08, 2024

Beyond the Selfie: Exploring the World via Digital Storytelling — Communication, Advertising and Promotion, Broadcasting & Media Studies, Creative Writing

  Course Description:
From the Harry Potter studios and Kensington Palace in London to the Trinity College Library and a food walking tour in Dublin, students in this class will be challenged to critically examine how new landscapes and encounters with other cultures impact how we relate to ourselves and others. Students will investigate works in the Victoria and Albert Museum to see how travelers throughout history have documented their experiences using photography, journals, video, essays and documentaries. Discover pub culture while touring the Guinness Storehouse, and document your own experiences in digitally published stories for both private growth and public consumption. This nonfiction storytelling class challenges students to find the best tools to communicate their inward and outward experiences beyond selfies.

For the Love of Lit: A Literary Adventure in London & Dublin — English, Literature

  Course Description:
England and Ireland are countries with long storied histories and vibrant literary presents. In this class, we'll explore London and Dublin through short readings from great British and Irish writers. As part of our adventure, we'll criss cross London and Dublin visiting all the great literary hangouts: in London -- the Globe Theatre, the British Library, Charles Dickens' home, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum – and in Dublin, the Writer's Museum, and James Joyce Museum. In addition to taking literary tours in both cities, we'll visit street markets, gardens, and many famous museums. Without a doubt, this course will be LIT – and open for all students at any level.

Exploring Risk Management Practices in London & Dublin — Environmental Health, Organizational Behavior and Theory

  Course Description:
Students will develop a command of the risk management process, including risk identification, assessment, analysis and control. Expected learning experiences in London include Parliament, Churchill War Rooms and Imperial War and Transport museums and in Dublin include Jameson Distillery, Kilmainham Gaol, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, Croke Park Stadium and the Guinness Storehouse. These sites provide a great lens for viewing how risk has been faced, understood and acted upon, each providing vivid and real insights to risk management practices both past and present. Comparisons of United States, British and Irish practices are emphasized throughout.

Health Care Across the Pond and Beyond — Health Care Administration, Communication

  Course Description:
Enhance your expertise in health care systems in two of the most thrilling cities in the world: London and Dublin. With both cities as our classroom, students will gain multicultural health awareness by exploring sites such as the Florence Nightingale Museum, St. Thomas Hospital, The Royal London Hospital Museum, Trinity College Book of Kells, and Children's Health Ireland at Krumlin. Current health care systems and settings will be compared and contrasted. Using the London and Dublin healthcare systems as a foundation, students are encouraged to develop a narrative for American healthcare in the future. This course is perfect for the future healthcare professional, healthcare communication professional, and the healthcare consumer.

Health Care and Nursing at Home and Abroad: A Cross-Cultural Comparison — Nursing, Social Work, Health Care Administration

  Course Description:
Learn about the differences and similarities between the British, Irish, and American healthcare systems through field trips and activities in London, England and Dublin, Ireland at healthcare facilities and historical sites. We'll interact with healthcare workers and consumers and learn about how the education of healthcare professionals compares to the US model. In both countries, we will learn about historical figures that shaped modern nursing and social work that continue to influence health care in the US by visiting sites such as the Old Operating Theatre and Florence Nightingale Museum in London and the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship & Famine Museum in Dublin.

London Winter Dec 26, 2023 —Jan 08, 2024

Advertising Sports and Popular Culture in Britain — Advertising and Promotion

  Course Description:
Sports, brands and popular culture are increasingly intertwined in the global marketplace. This course will examine how advertising, sponsorships, events, public relations, and other promotional practices construct brand identities through linkages to popular culture in the United Kingdom. We will view branding in many cultural contexts such as sports, music, design, fashion, art, theatre and film. Through visits to advertising and public relations agencies and to museums like the Museum of Brands and the fashion exhibits at the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as to sports facilities such as Wimbledon, Chelsea FC, and Olympic Park, students will gain insights that lead to comparison with US practice and enable them to create integrated strategic communication executions.

Exploring British Visual Culture — Art History, Art & Design, Pop Culture

  Course Description:
By visiting indoor and outdoor cultural environments in London, this course will have you exploring visual culture, including art, photography, film, television, advertisement, and print mediums. At museums like the Tate Modern and the London Film Museum, at art galleries and in public parks and through self-directed explorations of the lively urban scene, your awareness of visual culture will be heightened, and you will gain new skills for studying different forms of visual representation. Though the course presumes no prior knowledge and is open to students from any academic discipline, it should be of special interest to students majoring in art history, sociology, communications, film and cultural studies.

Curtain Call: British Drama In Action — English, Literature, Theatre

  Course Description:
Explore British drama and culture by experiencing British theatre in action. We'll attend several dramatic productions in London's amazing West End theatre district and explore aspects of street theater. We'll learn about staging, lighting, costuming, music, directing, art and set design while on backstage tours at such places as the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, the National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour. Tentatively scheduled field trip sites designed to enrich your appreciation of the historical background and cultural setting of British theatre are Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, Westminster Abbey, Dover Castle, and Hampton Court Palace. Return home with a wealth of experience and knowledge about British drama and English culture. Join me as we participate together in our excellent adventure for a truly dramatic field trip of a lifetime before the final curtain call!

Trends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare: Nightingale to Now — Nursing, Health Care Administration

  Course Description:
Immerse yourself in the British healthcare system and culture. This course focuses on both historical and current practices of the British and American healthcare systems. While living and learning in London, students explore cultural influences on health policy, analyzing trends, similarities, and differences in British and American healthcare delivery, nursing, and medicine. Emphasis is placed on experiential learning, with visits to historic sites such as the Old Operating Theatre and Museum, the Florence Nightingale Museum, and the Wellcome Collection Museum and Library, as well as to London hospitals, nursing schools, and other healthcare institutions.

The Dark Side of Society: The Sociology of Evil in London — Sociology, Criminal Justice

  Course Description:
Death! Destruction! Dungeons! This course delves into the dark side of London and analyzes the manifestations of evil in society. In this class, we will explore locations emblematic of society’s evils – from the monstrous institutions of slavery, empire, and war to the social evils of oppression, domination, and discrimination. Tour the infamous torture chamber at the Tower of London and trace Jack the Ripper's steps through White Chapel. Stand on Liverpool's waterfront where slave trading ships set sail for Africa. Go underground to Churchill’s War Rooms, where he directed the crusade against fascism during the Blitz. Students majoring in sociology and criminal justice will gain a contemporary sociological understanding of evil.