Student Stories

At CCSA, we know study abroad is life-changing. Don’t just take our word for it. View first-hand accounts of what students are experiencing on CCSA programs!

Photo Name Program Description Links
Matthew Baker Matthew_Baker London Winter 17/18 Matthew shares his experience on his CCSA adventure.
Trey Burns Trey Burns Australia Winter 19/20 Trey created this wonderful slide-show to document his CCSA experience in Australia. Trey Burns Slideshow
Phoebe Cates Phoebe Cates London/Dublin Winter 19/20 Phoebe describes her experiences in London and Dublin and gives suggestions for travelers. Phoebe_Cates_London.mp3
Jennifer McMahon Jennifer McMahon London Summer 2017 Jennifer shares her travel experience with CCSA in London
Hannah Sells Hannah Sells London Winter 16/17 Hannah douments her travels with CCSA in London
Sam Stevens Sam Stevens London Winter 17/18 Sam shares his experience on his CCSA adventure.
Sam Stevens AJ Walters London Winter 17/18 AJ shares his experience on his CCSA adventure.