London Mid-Summer

July 17, 2022 —August 01, 2022

London is a metropolis made up of hundreds of communities. Become part of the city while based at the St. Giles London Hotel.

The two-week program offers a wide selection of courses to meet your academic needs. Scheduled field trips and personal exploration time enable you to see London up close.

An optional day trip to Stonehenge/Salisbury will be offered.

Program Package

  • Accommodations: Included.
  • Course-related activities and entrances fees
  • All course-related ground transportation
  • Additional cultural program excursions
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance* (International Programs Only)
  • Program directors and staff on-site 24/7

Participants will reside at St. Giles London, one of the most centrally located hotels in London. Situated in the heart of the West End, St. Giles is just a few minutes walk from Oxford Street, Soho, Theatres, the British Museum, Covent Garden, and many other attractions. Tottenham Court Underground Station (Central and Northern lines) is just 2 minutes away.

Students will be housed in twin bedrooms, equipped with two single beds, desk and chair, storage cabinets and drawers, and an en-suite bathroom with shower, basin, mirror and toilet. An LCD TV, telephone, digital safe and hairdryer are also included. Free WiFi is provided throughout the residence.

Daily full English breakfast is provided in the Sage & Chilli Restaurant.

Full Day Excursion to STONEHENGE & SALISBURY

Saturday, July 23

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, is one of the world’s most recognized sites, a circle of mystery that fascinates visitors from all over the world. Your visit will allow you to walk around the outside of the stone circle, and you can listen to some of the myths and legends about Stonehenge on the audio tour.

Salisbury, on the banks of the River Avon, is best known for its glorious cathedral. Salisbury Cathedral dates back to 1220 and has the tallest spire of any cathedral in England. It is also home to the best preserved original manuscript of the Magna Carta. The town retains some lovely medieval streets, and the 15th century Poultry Cross is certainly worth a visit.

Included in the cost are:

  • coach transportation to and from Stonehenge and Salisbury
  • paid entrance to Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral


    CCSA Central Office

    Contact Information

    Stephen Farley - Applications

    Robert Bedard - Payments

    Robin Byerly - Travel

    Karen Stock

    Program Director

    Karen Stock Dr. Karen Stock is an Associate Professor in the DeVille School of Business at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. She has taught full time at Walsh since 2010. She teaches courses in Ethics, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior at the undergraduate and graduate level and develops such curriculum with a global focus in mind. Prior to joining Walsh, Dr. Stock worked in product development, marketing, and international communications for global companies and incorporates this experience into her teaching. Dr. Stock earned a Doctor of Management degree from Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management and a Master of Arts in Management degree from Walsh University. She earned her undergraduate degree from Miami University, where she majored in Organizational Behavior and minored in International Business. As an undergraduate student she also studied in London. For that reason, she is particularly enthused to be able to share a similar experience with her students now. Dr. Stock has taught Global Management with CCSA in the London Winter programs in the past. She has a professional network of colleagues and business professionals in London and actively seeks to expand this network in order for students to be able to benefit from a variety of experiences during their time studying abroad.

    Group or Individual Travel Allowed

    Option One - Group Travel

    Travel together with faculty, staff and other participants from your CCSA program with our group travel. CCSA will purchase a airline ticket from select U.S. cities on your behalf. The airline cost will be included in your final bill from CCSA. In addition to the flight, you will also receive transport to/from the accommodation in the destination city and the airport.

    You can check our currently available departure cities on our departures page CCSA highly recommends this option for those new to international travel.

    • roundtrip air transportation from one of CCSA's designated U.S. departure cities.
    • roundtrip ground transportation between airport and the accommodation site.
    • CCSA faculty and staff to guide you through the immigration and customs process.

    Option Two - Individual Travel

    If you wish to make independent travel arrangements and depart from a city not listed or travel outside the program dates please choose INDEPENDENT TRAVEL from the selection below. You will book your own flights and arrange your own transportation to/from the airport and the accommodation site of the program. This is a great option for going early, staying late, or using airline miles to purchase tickets. We highly recommend participants not fly standby for these programs as a late arrival may negatively impact your grade.

    Important Note for Independent Travelers: Please be aware that your check-in date may be up to 24 hours AFTER the program start date (program dates include travel time).

    Check the CCSA website at for your scheduled date/time check-in.

    * All prices are estimates based on prior programs. Final pricing will be published on the CCSA website by the first payment deadline.


    Not required for U.S. citizens for less than a 3-month stay. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa as needed.

    Program Dates
    July 17, 2022 —August 01, 2022

    Base Price

    Estimated Airfare
    $1,050 - $1,350
    (estimated additional cost based on recent airline prices)

    Payment Process
    See our payments page
    Enrollment Status: OPEN

    $150 Early Application Fee Deadline
    February 04, 2022
    (Early App Fee of $150 includes a $100 discount)
    (App Fee increases to $250 after Early Application Deadline)
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    Courses Offered


    Britain's Role in Chemistry and Medicinal Sciences
    Course Description: The course will focus on the historical scientific and medical museums and hospitals of London, along with the contributions of British scientists and medical professionals. We will observe the wonders and discoveries of early chemistry and the medical fields, including dental, optical, and pharmaceutical, and enrich our minds with the astonishing experiences of scientists in the past and the obstacles and marvels attributed to them. Museum visits will tentatively include the British Museum, the Science Museum, and the History of Science Museum in Oxford. Field trips are also planned for specialized sites, including the Old Operating Theatre, St Bartholomew's Hospital, the Chelsea Physic Garden, and the Alexander Fleming Laboratory.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: CHEM 475
    Dr. Leslie Hiatt | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

    Communication / Broadcasting & Media Studies / Pop Culture / Art & Design

    Digital Storytelling in London
    Course Description: Everyone has a story to tell and, in this class, students will develop their own stories as they relate to the culture of London by creating photographic, audio and video projects. We will examine digital media as a tool for expressing personal and historical narratives. Your story will include iconic locations including the British Museum, the houses of Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and Westminster Abbey. You’re invited to take advantage of this opportunity to develop digital storytelling skills in the process of documenting narratives in London.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: COMM 415
    Dr. Ann Andaloro | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/H

    Education / English Language & Literature

    Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter: Exploring London through Children’s Literature
    Course Description: Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, Curious George, or Winnie the Pooh--- Did one of these or other characters created by British authors impact your childhood? Come board a train like WWII child evacuees, walk the London streets like Mary Poppins, and try to find Platform 9 and 3/4 like Harry Potter. Read British children’s literature, walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters, and visit the settings of your favorite books. See original transcripts and drawings from classic books at the British Library, experience the making of the Harry Potter movies at Warner Brothers studio tour AND encounter literary history at Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: LME 318
    Dr. Stacey Korson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

    English Language & Literature

    Tolkien’s Medieval Rings
    Course Description: There are no better sites to explore England’s rich medieval heritage than Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral and Warwick Castle. These are just highlights among the tentative site visits in this course, which immerses you in the art, architecture and literature of medieval English society – the better to understand the cultural heritage that influenced the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Studying medieval texts such as Beowulf and Dante’s Inferno which inspired Tolkien, in addition to visiting sites in Oxford associated with him, will further enhance your understanding of what fired the creative imagination of the author of The Lord of the Rings.
    Prerequisite: Completion of First Year Composition requirement and one Humanities or Intro to Literature course, or permission of instructor.
    WKU Course: ENG 399
    Dr. Warren Edminster | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/G/H

    English Language & Literature

    Reading London (Like a Londoner)
    Course Description: What does it mean to be a "Londoner"? Explore that question by reading poetry and short stories from great British writers on the ground in London while crisscrossing the city to many great literary hangouts, like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Charles Dickens’ home, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey. In addition to many literary sites, we'll visit world famous markets, Kew Gardens, and many of the museums that make London what it is! This course is suitable for English majors and non-majors at any level.
    Prerequisite: None
    Dr. Gabriel Lonsberry | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

    Finance / Business

    Exploring How Britain’s Financial Institutions Manage Personal Wealth
    Course Description: Increase your financial literacy by exploring in this class the historical evolution of personal wealth management. Since London houses the UK’s central bank, the nation’s premier stock exchange, money markets, derivative exchanges, financial regulators and all the major types of financial institutions, there’s no better place than London for a student to learn about the financial industry that serves the nation and the individual. Visits to various financial institutions such as HSBC international banking corporation, the Bank of England, the London Money Market Association, the Insurance Institute of London (Lloyd’s), and the London Business School will facilitate students’ understanding of how the US and UK personal wealth management systems align and differ.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: FIN 161
    Dr. Kevin Zhao, CFA | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

    Healthcare Administration / Occupational/Physical Therapy / Psychology

    Comparing British and American Health Care Systems in London
    Course Description: Designed for students who plan to work or study in any of the healthcare-related fields or any of the social or behavioral sciences requiring interaction with people, this class explores the similarities and differences between the British and American health care systems. Visits to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, doctor's offices, and inpatient and outpatient therapy clinics (where permitted) will provide a deep understanding of how the British health care system works. Interviews with residents of London and visits to various historical sites will provide an appreciation for the social and cultural context that influences British healthcare and wellness-related practices; and which helps explain what sets them apart from America’s healthcare system.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: PH 456 / HCA 347/572
    Dr. Robert Mullaney | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/G


    The People of London & Their Histories
    Course Description: Explore the history of London by focusing on the people of London at key moments in the city’s history between 1600 and 1830. We’ll read their eyewitness accounts and then visit city sites linked to their stories. We’ll imagine Shakespeare’s London while visiting the Globe Theatre and appreciate how London recovered from the Great Fire from under the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. We’ll grasp what medieval London was like at the Tower of London and recreate Victorian London at Dickens’s House. Exhibits on London’s history at the Museum of London and the British Museum will further enrich our understanding of what Londoners have experienced over the centuries.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: HIST 490
    Dr. Bradford J. Wood | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/G

    Legal Studies / Government

    Habeas What? British Common Law & Its Influence on the American Legal System
    Course Description: This upper-division government/legal studies course explores the unique British common law tradition and how it directly influenced the American legal system. Combining classroom instruction with a whirlwind tour of fascinating destinations in and around London, this class will provide students with a deep understanding of British law while visiting the beautiful countryside of Runnymede (where the Magna Carta was signed), sitting in on cases at the Royal Courts of London and the Old Bailey courthouse, watching the UK Supreme Court deliberate, and witnessing the British House of Commons in all its contentious action.
    Prerequisite: None
    Prof. Katie Jones | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

    Music / Interdisciplinary

    Responding Creatively to London’s Rich Artistic and Musical Scene
    Course Description: This course challenges you to explore your own creativity while experiencing London’s vibrant creative arts and music scene. Visits to the National Gallery of Art and the Tate Modern as well as to music venues such as JazzLive at the Crypt and famed Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club will introduce you to how different combinations of music and art affect emotions and how creativity springs out of mixing artistic genres such as photography, art and jazz music. A final assignment allows you to express your own creativity through a multimedia project inspired by your responses to the artistry directly experienced on site in London.
    Prerequisite: Students should have completed their home institution's basic writing requirements
    WKU Course: MUS 338
    Dr. Andy Nevala | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/G/H

    Nursing / Healthcare Administration

    Trends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare: Nightingale to Now
    Course Description: This course focuses on both the historical and current practices of the British and American healthcare systems. Students will explore how different cultural influences affect health policies, leading to an analysis of the similarities and differences in British and American healthcare delivery, nursing, and medicine. Significance is given to the historical influences on the nursing profession and healthcare. The roles of health professionals in England and the United States will be compared and contrasted. Trends and issues of professional nursing and global healthcare perspectives will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on experiential learning, with visits to London hospitals, the Old St. Thomas Hospital, the Old Operating Theatre, the Florence Nightingale Museum, UK Parliament, and other healthcare institutions and museums.
    Prerequisite: None
    WKU Course: NURS 317
    Dr. Tamara Robertson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

    Theatre / Literature

    Old Meets New: London Theatre in Performance
    Course Description: Explore British Theatre and performance through a classical and contemporary lens using the city as your stage and the London theatre district as your artistic playground. This course enhances the critical eye of the artist as well as builds upon their tools for creative storytelling. Blending performance-based classes and workshops with critical thinking and collaborative learning, students from all disciplines will benefit and grow into healthier, stronger performers and communicators. Visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace, experiencing brand new theatre works, learning period movement in Hyde Park, and taking in a performance at The Globe Theatre will bring history to life and allow artists to use these tools in their craft.
    Prerequisite: Minimum of sophomore standing and completion of basic college writing course. Students will be expected to participate in daily physical exercises designed to enhance communication and body/spatial awareness.
    Professor Corrie Danieley | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U