Consumer Behavior Across Cultures

Dr. Cheryl Ward (More Info)

Consumer Behavior Across Cultures

Program Dates:
December 26, 2017 - January 8, 2018

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

Marketing , Business

Course Description:
The best way to learn Consumer Behavior is to live it. Come explore London and Dublin to discover how lifestyles differ as we visit two of the United Kingdom's largest cities. This class will focus on how culture differs in the US compared to the UK. Specifically, we'll look at differences in language, retail, media, and lifestyles. Topics will include consumer buying patterns, internal and external influences, perception, value, and the decision-making process. We'll convert dollars to pounds and Euros and keep a consumption journal of our behavior during the class. Students will be asked to specifically journal distinctions between three locations: home, London, and Dublin and to either write or video their perceptions of the distinct cultural differences between the three.

Introduction to Marketing or equivalent

Physical Activity Requirements:
Students should expect to walk 3-5 miles per day with the class, understanding that they may elect to walk considerably more during their personal time. In addition, students should come prepared for and appropriate winter in the United Kingdom, as far as winter apparel goes.

Course Highlights:
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