The King’s Speech: Speech-Language Pathology in England

Prof. Robyn A. Wahl (More Info)

The King’s Speech: Speech-Language Pathology in England

Program Dates:
Dec 26, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
CD 496

Communication Disorders , Speech-Language Pathology

Course Description:

"I have a right to be heard. I have a voice!"-"King George VI" in the movie The King's Speech found his voice through speech therapy services in 1920's London. Explore the changing world of healthcare through the lens of speech-language therapy services in a variety of historical and contemporary settings across London. Activities are planned to include exploring therapy practices used in hospitals and schools, as well as examples of medical speech-language pathology in acute care hospitals and/or care-homes. We will compare the role of the National Health Service (NHS) to the 'open-market' healthcare systems in the United States.

“ There are limited study abroad experiences tailored to the field of speech-language pathology and this course will allow students the opportunity to learn about their chosen field in a way that they can only experience in this course.” – Robyn Wahl


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