Exploring Typography and Poster Design in the UK

Prof. Natalie Tyree (More Info)

Exploring Typography and Poster Design in the UK

Program Dates:
July 10, 2022 - Aug 1, 2022

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
ART 331

Art and Design , Advertising and Promotion

Course Description:
This course investigates historic poster and type trends that originated in England while also highlighting contemporary design trends. Students will learn about the US-based poster initiative “Type Hike” and will compare and contrast poster design while looking at the posters and advertisements that are stapled and placed all over Britain. Visits to museums and design studios in London will provide historic and contemporary perspectives. Incorporating design research, methodologies and their own personal approach, students will develop a poster series which will be curated into an online blog site that reflects the research and creativity of the entire class.


Physical Activity Requirements:
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Course Highlights:
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