Contemporary Art and Indigenous Cultures of New Zealand

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For more than two decades, Dr. Ilona Szekely has shared her love of art with others. A career in art education has enabled her to communicate her enthusiasm in varied settings. She has published numerous articles, held art exhibitions, and participated in invited lectures throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her favorite experiences have been traveling with students throughout the United States, Spain and Italy. Ilona holds a BA from the University of Kentucky, an M.A from Teachers College Columbia in New York City and a Ph.D. from the department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation at the University of Kentucky. Currently, she teaches Art Education, and Art Appreciation at Eastern Kentucky University, and is the President of the Kentucky Art Education Association. She lives and makes art in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband and fourteen-year-old daughter Emilie.

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Contemporary Art and Indigenous Cultures of New Zealand

Program Dates:
December 26, 2018 - January 9, 2019

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
ART 100

Art & Design , History , Architecture

Course Description:
Become an art explorer and uncover New Zealand’s rich and exciting past and contemporary art scene. We’ll visit museums, meet leading artists, and learn about this island nation’s global contributions to the arts in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, and Christchurch. Experience the native traditions of the Maori people at the National Tattoo Museum and visit a Maori Village. The beautiful environment influences New Zealand art, so we’ll visit lakes and the geothermal Ring of Fire and examine how history and nature connect with the current artistic vision of New Zealand. Explore the art of New Zealand and discover your artistic vision.


Physical Activity Requirements:
Be ready to walk through museums and sites of key interest. There are always plenty of meal breaks and sit down visits to converse with artists and your classmates. In December it will be summer so before we leave we will discuss packing accordingly with proper shoes and sunblock. It is also good to take some long walks before you leave so that your body acclimates to the exercise.

Course Highlights:
Students will attain a broader understanding of how the Maori and contemporary art practices in New Zealand fit into the larger global art world. Students will participate in discussions with local artists, gallery owners, art critics, museum personnel, and art collectors, to gain an understanding of New Zeeland’s art past and present. This course will provide an overview of the history of art of New Zealand. We will visit local galleries, artist studios, community art spaces, and public art sites. Students will be creating an on-line blog of their experience, as well as a visual/written journal. Students will be asked to create a project/paper based on their area of interest.