Course Details for Prof. Carol Stewart - summer - 2018

The London Arts Experience: Theatre, Music, Art, and Design

Prof. Carol Stewart (More Info)

The London Arts Experience: Theatre, Music, Art, and Design

Program Dates:
July 6 - August 5, 2018

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

Art History , Art & Design , Theatre , Interdisciplinary

Course Description:
London, one of the most exciting cities in the world, is home to centuries of visual art, performance, design, and architecture. In this class you'll visit theatres, music venues, restaurants, museums, and galleries. You'll see some of London's most famous sites, and explore unique places that are off the beaten path. You'll talk to artists, see cutting edge theatre, hear music that ranges from classical to contemporary, and taste new foods and old British favorites, and you'll gain exhilarating first-hand knowledge of how design, architecture, and the arts come together in and around the dynamic streets of London!


Physical Activity Requirements:
On average: 3 miles of walking (some days might be 5, but that's rare). Wear real shoes for the city streets of London are rugged in and of themselves; flip-flops and thin sandals or ballet flats are not allowed on field trip events. We will spend time out in the weather, not just in moving from venue to venue. Some of our activities take place outside, and in whatever weather is happening that day: in July, expect both rain and sometimes high temperatures. You will also be engaged in making art in ways that might be messy. You should bring at least one set of appropriate clothing.

Course Highlights:
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