Music, Youth Resistance, and Social Change in South Africa

Dr. Angela Scharfenberger (More Info)

Music, Youth Resistance, and Social Change in South Africa

Program Dates:
June 25 - July 15, 2018

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

Sociology , Interdisciplinary

Course Description:
This course explores how music can impact social change. Analyzing the sultry sounds of jazz, the dynamic energy of hip-hop, and the prolific music of South Africa, we will examine the reach and influence of these and other musical genres on resistance among youth in South Africa and reflect on how anti-apartheid leaders used music in the their liberation struggle. We will focus on recent student protests against mounting costs of higher education and will interview musicians involved in resistance movements at such sites as the National Arts Festival and other spaces promoting and reflecting on social change.

Students who take the course for Sociology credit should have taken an introductory level Sociology course.

Physical Activity Requirements:
Expect to walk between 3-5 miles daily. As the class will take place in South Africa's winter, students should prepare for cooler temperatures, especially at night.

Course Highlights:
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