Exploring Sustainable Agriculture in Ireland

Bruce Pratt (More Info)

Exploring Sustainable Agriculture in Ireland

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Agriculture , Earth & Environmental Science

Course Description:
This class provides a special opportunity to observe many different aspects of Irish agriculture that would not be seen by the typical visitor to the Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland. Planned site visits include beef, dairy, equine, horticulture, farmers markets and agriculture research facilities. Particular attention will be paid to how small family owned operations can be sustainable and profitable. To enrich your understanding of the environment in which Irish agriculture operates, visits to cultural and geological sites will also be included. This course is offered for upper division or graduate credit.


Physical Activity Requirements:
Contact faculty for physical activity requirements.

Course Highlights:
Experience the Irish Country side. Course Includes tours of Farms, Ag Related Sites & Industries Explore the cultural differences in attitudes toward food and agriculture between the U.S. and Ireland Ideal for Students in any major but great for those interested in Agriculture, Sustainability or the Environment 3 Credit Hours Earned in two weeks - Upper Division or Graduate Credit