Crop to Table: Terroir and British Food Culture

Dr. Christian Paumi (More Info)

Crop to Table: Terroir and British Food Culture

Program Dates:
July 7 - July 22, 2018

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

Food Science , Agriculture , Biology , Chemistry

Course Description:
Ever ask yourself how soil and climate (terroir) affect regional or national foods and culture? Recent food science studies have identified terroir as an important factor in dictating what food is prevalent and how it tastes. In this course, students will examine how British environmental and soil conditions affect local crops, how the processing of these products are utilized in fermentation-dependent food production, and ultimately how together terroir and fermentation result in unique flavors in London and throughout Britain. Participants will visit farms, breweries, dairy farms and cheese makers, and bacon producers, as well experience distinctive cuisines and cultures at local restaurants. Through a combination of class activities and field trips, students will not only get an understanding of terroir and its role in food science but an appreciation for the cultural gifts of Britain.


Physical Activity Requirements:
Expected physical activity is daily walks of 2-5 miles.

Course Highlights:
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