Drawing London: The Art of Urban Sketching

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Elizabeth was born in Southern California and spent most of her formative years there before moving with her family to the Midwest. Much of her color and design sensibilities are rooted in the diverse west coast culture. Torn between having to choose between her two loves, commercial and fine art, Elizabeth focuses on art making instead of placing it in a category. Her varied interests in West Coast culture and landscape painting, juxtaposed to those derived from the fluctuating seasonal landscapes and extreme weather conditions found in the Midwest evoke a unique artistic dichotomy in her art-making. Her most recent work NOGPS is a series of large charcoal line drawings on poplar wood panels of trees in close and compressed spaces. She imagined how the technology generation would experience something as formidable as suddenly finding themselves alone in the woods without technology, and how the resulting anxiety and uncertainty of negotiating the natural world may make them feel. Elizabeth is an illustrator at heart , fine art painting, drawing and anything else that peaks her fancy.

As an instructor, she teaches art by mentoring and challenging students to find their own creative and aesthetic sensibilities rooted in their own conceptual growth, practical application of skills and self-investigation. She has exhibited internationally, nationally and regionally, and her work is held in several private collections. In addition to teaching, Elizabeth is also Director of the Eva G. Farris Gallery at Thomas More University.

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Drawing London: The Art of Urban Sketching

Program Dates:
July 08, 2023 —July 23, 2023

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
ART 240 / ART 496

Art & Design

Course Description:
London has been luring travelers for centuries – both for its long, rich history and for its contemporary marvels. In this course you will document through drawing some of London’s historical locations such as The Tower of London and Greenwich Observatory and explore unfamiliar places such as outdoor markets, cemeteries, parks, and eateries where you will hone your drawing skills while observing and recording the people and culture of Britain. This class will provide you with instruction in technical skills such as watercolor, perspective and composition, while stimulating your creativity with visits to museums such as Tate Modern and The Cartoon Museum and excursions outside London to places like Dover and Oxford.

One drawing course or equivalent

Physical Activity Requirements:
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Course Highlights:
“This is a unique opportunity to immerse students, through Urban Sketching, into the everyday life of British culture.” - Elizabeth Neal