Irish Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health

Dr. Randal Keller (More Info)

Irish Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health

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Honors Credit:

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Public Health

Course Description:
Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to study occupational safety and health while exploring the coastlines and castles of the Emerald Isle. Learn the fundamentals of risk management by studying Irish calamities on site, such as the Potato Famine and Bloody Sunday, and by visiting Irish companies (such as Guinness Brewery, Kerrygold and Aer Lingus) to learn about their safety and risk management programs. Also planned are field trips to relevant museums (such as the Titanic Museum), government agencies and research institutes. This enjoyable hands-on learning experience will better prepare you for success in the OSH profession.

Completion of basic writing requirement and there will be a paper assignment for this course.

Physical Activity Requirements:
Five miles of walking on most days. We will mostly be walking in cities on sidewalks.

Course Highlights:
Compare U.S. occupational safety and health laws and standards with the legal framework for occupational health and safety in Ireland and the U.K. (Visit to Irish Health and Safety Authority in Dublin) Consider how BREXIT will affect businesses in Ireland that trade with the U.K., with particular attention to chemical manufacturers. Explore risk assessment methodologies as a component of risk management. Discover historical disasters and apply theories of risk assessment and controls to those disasters. (Visit Titanic Museum in Belfast) Discuss the development of risk controls to reduce overall risk by lowering the probability of occurrence of an unwanted event and/or lowing the impact of those events if they occur. (Visit to Jeannie Johnston ship in Dublin) Learn about root cause analysis, appropriate organizational incentives to achieve desired outcomes, and political factors that impact risk management. (Visit to Famine Museum) Observe and evaluate Irish and U.K. occupational health and safety practices by touring the Guinness Brewery, Croke Park Stadium, and various manufacturing facilities with an emphasis on OSH risk assessment and controls. Meet students and faculty in OSH and learn about educational preparation for professionals in this field.