From Grain to Glass: Exploring Adult Beverage Industries in the UK & Ireland

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Professor Judd is an adjunct professor at Thomas More University and has taught since January 2013. He was born and raised in Northern Kentucky and currently lives in the river city of Dayton, KY. He has almost 14 years of experience in the financial and retail sales industries and is the Senior Internal Auditor at GE Aerospace.

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From Grain to Glass: Exploring Adult Beverage Industries in the UK & Ireland

Program Dates:
Dec 26, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023

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WKU Course:

Business Administration , International Business , Operations and Supply Chain Management

Course Description:

This course explores all business aspects of the brewing, distilling, and wine-making markets in the United Kingdom. Beginning in London (home to English Dry Gin) and ending in Dublin (home to many major Irish Whisky brands), the class examines the many factors that affect the supply chain and business decision-making in the alcoholic beverage industry, including the environmental, political, regulatory, and economic aspects impacting this industry now. Visits are planned to distilleries and breweries, as well as suppliers and distributors, from which students will gain a comparative perspective on how the American and British adult beverage industries manage similar issues and challenges.

Many locations included in the course offer tastings that are voluntary.

"This class will utilize my International Business course experience, pair it with my background in Finance/Accounting/Teaching, and add in an industry that I am always looking to find out more about! London being the hub for international finance and being one of the most diverse cultures in the world, and being home to some of the world's most famous dry gins. Dublin is the 'official' headquarters for many US-based companies and providing a second opinion on European behaviors and business practices, and is home to much of Ireland's biggest names in beer and Irish Whisky." – Aaron Judd


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