Beyond the Selfie: Exploring London via Multimedia Storytelling

Dr. Marcie Hinton (More Info)

Beyond the Selfie: Exploring London via Multimedia Storytelling

Program Dates:
December 26, 2018 - January 8, 2019

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
COMM 410

Film and Media Studies , Communication , Creative Writing , Pop Culture

Course Description:
Traverse the world in one setting by exploring art and culture in London. From the historic paintings and photographs of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour, we will consider how media producers throughout history have documented their cultural interactions. By examining and using photography, journals, video, essays and documentaries, we will learn to record our own travel experiences for both private growth and public consumption. This travel writing class challenges students to critically investigate culture and find the best tools to communicate their inward and outward experiences beyond selfies.

An introductory writing course such as media writing, technical writing or creative writing.

Physical Activity Requirements:
Participants should be prepared for 5 miles of walking on most days, including subway stairs most days.

Course Highlights:
Explores all types of travel storytelling: personal journaling, essay writing, photography, magazine article writing, and reviews via diverse, active classes spent at both obscure venues and attractions you have wanted to see all your life. The professor wants you to find the medium that will best help you express your experiences. Students will have the opportunity to submit a story for online or traditional publication, which is great for a professional portfolio and personal satisfaction. Travel writing is one of the most socially important genres in the literary traditions, helping us to make sense of ourselves and others, which seems more important than ever when navigating virtual social communities. It’s a practical, creative and commercial art! Professor was a professional food and travel writer at one point in her career for Southern Living magazine; therefore, she brings an enthusiasm and expertise beyond the purely academic. She is also a media professor so there is a heavy media component to the course including photography, Harry Potter and the BBC. Chronicling a journey can be a lifelong pursuit that enhances every travel experience. Bill Bryson and Rick Steves are the required reading! Bryson wrote this about England: "The fact is that this is still the best place in the world for most things - to post a letter, go for a walk, watch television, buy a book, venture out for a drink, go to a museum, use the bank, get lost, seek help, or stand on a hillside and take in a view. All of this came to me in the space of a lingering moment. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I like it here. I like it more than I can tell you. The class is cross-listed as an upper-division creative writing class in the English department as well as upper-division Journalism credit. COME ON! It’s spending the New Year in London and writing about the experience!