British Business, Law and Brexit

Dr. Lynette Guzzino (More Info)

British Business, Law and Brexit

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Honors Credit:

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Business , Management , Legal Studies

Course Description:
Delve into the global business environment of London and explore how businesses operate and comply with laws and regulations. In particular, this class is focused on how British businesses and the city of London are dealing with the effects of Brexit. Through discussions with expert guest speakers and experiential activities in the field and site visits to places like the Supreme Court in Parliament Square and the Mini Cooper plant in Oxford, you will understand how theories are experienced in practice.

Junior standing or permission of instructor.

Physical Activity Requirements:
Expect daily walking which tends to fall within 3 to 5 miles each day in the varied activities planned. Take into account time of year (heat/cold), inside/outside, ruggedness and other factors.

Course Highlights:
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