Exploring British and Irish Human Services and Leadership Concepts

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Dr. Franklin, a New Orleans native, is a Professor at the University of the Virgin Islands School of Social Work. She holds bachelor's and master’s degrees in social work from Southern University at New Orleans, along with a master’s in criminal justice from the same institution. Her Ph.D. in Social Policy, Planning, and Administration is from Clark Atlanta University. She teaches various undergraduate and graduate courses, including those on social work development, research methods, and youth violence. Dr. Franklin co-directs the Pan African Curriculum and Instruction at HAEC Corp and volunteers as Co-Director of Maternal Health in Africa. Her interests lie in Afrocentric perspectives, cultural resilience, and disaster recovery. Her research focuses on resilience in African American families during disasters. She recently launched iCANDCARIBBEANSOCIALWORK, aiming to enhance Caribbean social work studies. Apart from academia, she practices as a ritual specialist and holistic healer. She's authored two books and has academic publications on suicide intervention and violence in New Orleans.

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Exploring British and Irish Human Services and Leadership Concepts

Program Dates:
Dec 26, 2024 – Jan 8, 2025

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

Social Work , Nursing , Psychology , Sociology

Course Description:

Employing a comparative international perspective, this course will focus on social systems of care in London and Dublin involving childcare, families, individuals, and aging. While visiting hospitals, schools, and other social service institutions, there will be opportunities to interact with providers from various care services. Involvement in community cultural events and a possible service-learning project will deepen understanding of leadership skills and provide interactions with local consumers of services. During visits to museums and historic sites, you will learn about historical events and leaders who assisted in shaping the current disciplines of human services found in the U.S.

None. Open to students of all majors - of special interest to future healthcare leadership developers, social workers, and human service providers.

Physical Activity Requirements:
Contact Faculty

Course Highlights:
  • Delve into the world of interdisciplinary teamwork, gaining valuable insights into the complexities of social care systems.
  • Discuss social disparities and lived experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of human services in diverse cultural contexts.
  • Apply your knowledge in real-world settings such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Tower of London, connecting historical events with contemporary human services practices.
  • Embrace the ethos of servant leadership through hands-on service experience.
  • Ring in the New Year with fireworks above Buckingham Palace.