Healthcare in Belize

John Clegg (More Info)

Healthcare in Belize

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Honors Credit:

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Health Care Administration , Nursing , Social Work

Course Description:
Students with an interest in nursing, health care management, or social work will find this class to be a unique opportunity to compare the health systems of developing countries with the American model. While in Belize and Guatemala, students will visit health care facilities and associated organizations to observe and to interact with health care professionals. Additionally, while traveling in the cities and countryside, students will be gaining insights into the historical and cultural influences that affect how health care systems evolve into national versions that differ from ours.


Physical Activity Requirements:
Expect to walk 4-6 miles on most days. Activities will take place in the summer in a tropical climate- students should be prepared for this environment. Closed toed hiking shoes that breathe are a required.

Course Highlights:
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