We’ve been watching the trends carefully.  We’ve also been holding out hope the COVID-19 impacts would move to a manageable level.  However, with uncertainty of how travel will be impacted over the coming months – the key recruitment time for CCSA winter programs – the Executive Committee agreed with the staff assessment that CCSA should cancel the winter programs now rather than waiting to decide after the September 24 application deadline.

This difficult decision comes about due to several reasons.

  1. The Delta variant (and increasing cases in many of our member school locations) has people concerned and unwilling or unable to commit.
  1. The UK and Ireland both went to Level 4 early in August.  Students and faculty from our member schools cannot be approved for travel at Level 4 and some schools are even removing the waiver option for Level 3.  With history as a guide, there is little chance of both locations moving to a Level 2 by September 24 or soon after — when we would need to start purchasing airline tickets.
  1. We cannot in good conscience recruit for winter while the likelihood of travel restrictions remains high.  Canceling now enables students and faculty to adjust plans and remove the “are we a go or not” from the conversation –something we faced last year when we tried to keep the winter program cycle functional. 
  1. As member schools start their Fall term, the stress of that process for everyone – faculty, staff, students – compounds the distraction about applying for CCSA winter program.

In response to this decision, we’ve “unplugged” Winter 21-22 programs and we’re proceeding – enthusiastically – toward Summer 2022 with ten programs (9 credit and one non-credit) along with the Fall 2022 Ireland non-credit program.

Summer 2022

CCSA is gearing up for the early recruitment for our Summer 2022 programs. We have a great set of programs and courses with more coming very soon.

The Catalog includes these new and annual programs (sorted by departure date):

ProgramDepart DateReturn Date
Belize Land & Sea5/10/20225/23/2022
Scotland: Hearth & Home (non-credit)5/17/20225/31/2022
England & Scotland:  Multimedia Design & Campaigns5/17/20226/16/2021
Ireland:  One Island, Two Countries5/31/20226/15/2022
England & Scotland:  Land & Storytelling6/6/20226/20/2022
Belize Anthropology6/14/20227/13/2022
Urban American:  New York to Milwaukee*
(first study away program for the catalog)
London & Edinburgh:  Sport & Media7/1/20227/16/2022
London Summer (4-week)7/8/20228/7/2022
London Mid-Summer (2-week)7/17/20228/1/2022
Ireland: Landscapge, History & Culture (non-credit)10/6/202210/19/2022

You’ll note that Scotland is a new location for several programs.

We also have three Custom Global programs in development:

  • Bermuda – Eastern Kentucky University – Spring Break 2022
  • London – Eastern Kentucky University – May 2022
  • London – Liverpool – Dublin – East Tennessee State – May-June 2022

Faculty updates

Nine faculty approved for Winter 21-22 moved their courses to Summer 2022. Those will be on the web site in time for the early recruitment push in September.

All of the approved Winter 21-22 courses will be rolled to Winter 22-23 and the call for new Winter 22-23 proposals will go out this week. We will build our annual London Winter and London & Dublin programs along with our semi-annual Australia (biology) program and a new geology-based program in New Zealand.


CCSA will host InfoZoom Sessions in September for our member institutions. The goal is to push toward early applications for Summer 2022. These will be 20-30 minute sessions, all LIVE, with member school faculty and/or staff as our special guest. 

Follow this link to grab a time slot… https://forms.gle/WZnpcavZHYLc4Ub69

Study Abroad Fairs

The week of September 13-16 is chock full of member institution study abroad events. CCSA staff will attend as many as we can and support faculty and our campus reps as they reach out directly to students.

Recruiting Material

Rack cards are the only printed item and Robert is busy sending sets to faculty and campus reps. We decided to make one card per program location. These are meant to be posted and handed out to students. We can order more, so push them out door in the most effective way to reach students.

The Catalog is online and downloadable here.

Talking Points

Everyone is stressed and it may be hard to make decisions now, but here are things everyone can do now:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Get your passport
  • Apply for CCSA Summer 2022 (faculty and admins need to do their application too)
  • Apply for the Refer-a-Friend program (inside the student application)

As we to navigate these choppy waters, CCSA stands with our member institutions. We are a membership organization and everyone has invested time and effort into making CCSA a proven model that focuses on teaching and learning.

Let’s get through 2021 and push toward a robust 2022 together.

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