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We are pleased to provide our campuses and prospective students with these recorded playbacks for CCSA study abroad opportunities and information. Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for more presentations or other ideas to help spread the word about study abroad opportunities with CCSA.

Recorded Sessions for Playback

Subject Presenter(s) Description Link
Session with Prof. Alexandria Colovos Prof. Alexandria Colovos Prof. Colovos from WKU discusses her upcoming course Comparing Healthcare Systems in the United Kingdom & the United States on the London Mid-Summer program with CCSA.
Session with Prof. Blackwell & Prof. Parsley Prof. Sarah Blackwell & Prof. Daniel Parsley Prof. Blackwell and Prof. Parsley discuss their upcoming course Myth & Magic: Irish Mythology & Folklore on the Ireland program with CCSA.
Session with Dr. Carol Stewart< Dr. Carol Stewart Dr. Stewart from Bellarmine University describes the exciting itinerary she has planned for her “Exploring the Arts” course in New York.
Session with Prof. Ron Shaw Prof. Ron Shaw Prof. Shaw from NKU discusses his Contemporary Theatre Scene in New York City course.
Session with Prof. Laura Hartford Prof. Laura Hartford Learn about Photography in New York with Laura Hartford from Bellarmine University.
Session with Prof. Irina Sergeyev Prof. Irina Sergeyeva Prof. Sergeyeva from Finlandia University discusses her upcoming course Comparing Healthcare Systems in the United Kingdom & the United States.
Session with Dr. Doug Hume Dr. Doug Hume Dr. Hume from NKU discusses his upcoming Belize Anthropology program with CCSA.
Session with Dr. Bob Mitchell Dr. Bob Mitchell Dr Mitchell from EKU discusses his upcoming course, The Psychology of Dracula, which he is set to teach on the London Mid-Summer program.
Session with Prof. Chris Wille Prof. Chris Wille Prof. Wille from Eureka College discusses his Art Appreciation course being offered on the New York Experience program this summer.
London Accommodations Annette Staunton
The Washington Mayfair Hotel
Annette discusses the amenities of the Washington Mayfair hotel and the areas in London surrounding the hotel.
CCSA Application System Stephen Farley
Stephen discusses the CCSA application system and how to choose a course using the CCSA course search feature on the website.
CCSA's Financial Process Robert Bedard
CCSA Staff member Robert Bedard discusses financial information and tips regarding the financial process for students.
Traveling with CCSA CCSA Staff
A short video with travel tips for CCSA travelers.