Updated Programs and Deadlines - Spring-Summer 2021

Australia Experience & London Experience
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We are pleased to provide our campuses and prospective students with these recorded playbacks for CCSA study abroad opportunities and information. Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for more presentations or other ideas to help spread the word about study abroad opportunities with CCSA.

Recorded Sessions for Playback

Subject Presenter(s) Description Link
London Accommodations Annette Staunton
The Washington Mayfair Hotel
Annette discusses the amenities of the Washington Mayfair hotel and the areas in London surrounding the hotel.
CCSA Application System Stephen Farley
Stephen discusses the CCSA application system and how to choose a course using the CCSA course search feature on the website.
CCSA's Summer 2021 Programs CCSA Staff
An information session introducing the CCSA staff and presenting information on CCSA's Summer 2021 programs.
CCSA's Financial Process Robert Bedard
CCSA Staff member Robert Bedard discusses financial information and tips regarding the financial process for students.
Summer 2021 Programs Dr. Doug Hume
Dr. John Alberti
Professor Andrew Miller
Northern Kentucky University
NKU Faculty members discuss their upcoming programs and classes with CCSA in Summer 2021.
Traveling with CCSA CCSA Staff
A short video with travel tips for CCSA travelers.
Study Abroad in London CCSA Staff
A short video that highlights studying abroad in London with CCSA.
Study Abroad in Australia CCSA Staff
A short video that highlights studying abroad in Australia with CCSA.