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Australia Experience & London Experience
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Australia Mar 01, 2021 —May 30, 2021

Exploring Resiliency and Restoration in Australia — Business, Operations & Supply Chain Management

  Course Description:
Experience the resiliency of Australia in the wake of recent bushfires—one of the worst natural disasters in history. In addition to learning about Australian culture while visiting Sydney and Melbourne, we’ll seek out service learning opportunities targeted at restoring habitat for Australia's wildlife. This business class will study the implications of population growth, climate change and globalization on Australia and the international business economy, while also focusing on risk management and supply chain management issues. We’ll hope to take away from this once-in-a-lifetime experience an understanding of what can minimize natural disaster damage in the future.

Follow this link to watch a video where Dr. Jim Fatzinger answers questions about his Australia Experience 20-21 course. HERE

London Experience Mar 01, 2021 —Jun 03, 2021

Exploring Graphic Design & Typography in London — Art & Design, Art History

  Course Description:
Explore the history of graphic design and typography in the city famous for its role in creating modern art and design. We will trace how the tools of typography and graphic design evolved in commercial and entertainment enterprises in visiting the Design Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Cartoon Museum, in addition to visiting contemporary design studios. Students will map their experience through journaling, writing, and sketching of studio, gallery, and museum visits, while also collecting material in order to create a typeface or style to express their design journey within London.

They Did What? Science & Ethics in the UK — Chemistry, History, Philosophy

  Course Description:
Science and medicine are driving forces advancing society in hopeful ways. But they also raise fears that good discoveries can sometimes be abused. In this class we will explore the darker side of science and consider the ethical dilemmas that confront scientists, physicians, and society as science and medicine have evolved. Sites where we will explore these issues include Fleming's Lab at St. Mary's Hospital London (drug discovery and testing), and the Freud Museum in London (interpretive vs. empirical science).

Harry Potter on the Page & on the Screen — English, Film & Media Studies, Pop Culture

  Course Description:
You've read the books and seen the movies. Now explore the Harry Potter phenomenon in contemporary British culture on site in London. In our course, we will analyze and write about the film adaptations of Harry Potter and how they illustrate the issues involved when literature is converted into movies. We’ll also explore sites in Oxford and London that inspired the books and provided unforgettable locations for the movies, such as the London Zoo and Hampton Court Palace, in addition to touring the Harry Potter exhibit at Warner Brothers London studios. Muggles and wizards welcome!

The People of London & Their Histories (1600-1830) — History

  Course Description:
Explore the history of London by focusing on the people of London at key moments in the city’s history between 1600 and 1830. We’ll read their eyewitness accounts and then visit city sites linked to their stories. We’ll imagine Shakespeare’s London while visiting the Globe Theatre and appreciate how London recovered from the Great Fire from under the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. We’ll grasp what medieval London was like at the Tower of London and recreate Victorian London at Dickens’s House. Exhibits on London’s history at the Museum of London and the British Museum will further enrich our understanding of what Londoners have experienced over the centuries.

Love, Gender & Music in Victorian London — History, Music

  Course Description:
Re-live the drama, romance, and theatrics of Victorian London in this musical history course, which explores the rich musical and theatrical culture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You'll visit museums and historical sites focusing on course themes, such as the Theatre and Performance Department of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey and the Royal College of Music, as well as attend a variety of live performances in such musical genres as art song, opera, choral, orchestral and chamber music. This course is simple enough for people new to music and history, and deep enough to engage more experienced learners!

Multicultural Management in London — Management, Business, Organizational Behavior

  Course Description:
London is considered to be one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and offers a unique balance of old and new ways to conduct business. We will explore concepts of management and organizational behavior by visiting historic landmarks such as the Churchill War Rooms and the Tower of London. We will visit established businesses that continue to thrive such as Fuller's Brewery and Lloyds. We will also uncover new start-up businesses in this dynamic, ever-changing city. All locations are designed to provide students with a well-rounded perspective of the global community and a greater understanding of cultural differences.

Consumer Behavior across Cultures — Marketing, Management

  Course Description:
Discover the differences between consumer behavior and practices in America and London! We’ll visit world-renowned museums and historic sites throughput London. We’ll visit Harrods and attend a London theater production. We will enjoy a choral evensong service at St. Paul’s in London [religion]. Along the way, students will calculate dollars to pounds [value] as we explore the city [perception] and experience first-hand consumer behavior “across the pond!”

Pop Culture in London — Pop Culture, Communication

  Course Description:
London offers unique opportunities to experience popular cultures different from ours. In this course we will observe in many settings and events the social, cultural and historical contexts for the popular culture of Londonerss. Among likely observation sites are London’s Westminster Abbey, Wimbledon and Wembley stadiums, and Buckingham Palace. Through video projects, cultural inventories, and interviews, you will interact with the people of London and increase your cultural awareness and ability to function in the diverse workplaces of the future.

The Psychology of Dracula: Science, Literature and the Supernatural — Psychology

  Course Description:
At last, a course you can sink your teeth into--the Psychology of Dracula! Bram Stoker's novel Dracula relied on new ideas in scientific psychology. In this class, we will explore developing ideas about hypnosis, sexuality, paranoia, hysteria, masochism, spirituality, and evolutionary continuity, while examining how they were employed in Dracula. Field trips that will enhance understanding of the course themes are planned to include such sites as London’s Highgate Cemetery, Jack Straw's Castle, and the British Museum, as well as the play, The Woman in Black.

London's West End Theatre — Theatre

  Course Description:
William Shakespeare said it best when he wrote "All the world's a stage"--where better to study theater than the home of Shakespeare and so many other brilliant playwrights and performers? This course will explore the differences between theatre practices and production in London and New York. By going to and observing theatre in the West End, we will explore the unique aspects of theatre across London stages. From the blockbuster musical to the small intimate theatre, we will make the worlds stage our place to learn and enjoy. In addition students will have the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of London, it's museums, restaurants, parks and neighborhoods.