London Mid-Summer

June 18, 2023 —July 03, 2023 *Tentative dates for planning purposes only

London is a metropolis made up of hundreds of communities. Become part of the city while your explore the many secrets that make London special.

The two-week program offers a wide selection of courses to meet your academic needs.

Scheduled field trips and personal exploration time enable you to see London up close.

An optional day trip to Stonehenge/Salisbury will be offered.

Program Package

  • Accommodations: Included.
  • Course-related activities and entrances fees
  • All course-related ground transportation
  • Additional cultural program excursions
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance* (International Programs Only)
  • On-Site Director's and staff on-site 24/7

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Steven Guns

On-Site Director

Steven Guns Steven is the Senior Education Abroad Advisor at Murray State University and has been directing programs with CCSA since 2012. London is his favorite place to be and he loves to share the magic of the city with others. As a student Steven studied abroad in Spain and South Korea. He received his bachelor of arts from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and his masters of science in international education administration/college student personnel from Murray State University. His professional background is in university housing and education abroad. Steven has made accessible study abroad a focus, working on multiple programs designed for students with disabilities and has led student groups to Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

Group or Individual Travel Allowed

Option One - Group Travel

Travel together with faculty, staff and other participants from your CCSA program with our group travel. CCSA will purchase a airline ticket from select U.S. cities on your behalf. The airline cost will be included in your final bill from CCSA. In addition to the flight, you will also receive transport to/from the accommodation in the destination city and the airport.

You can check our currently available departure cities on our departures page CCSA highly recommends this option for those new to international travel.

  • roundtrip air transportation from one of CCSA's designated U.S. departure cities.
  • roundtrip ground transportation between airport and the accommodation site.
  • CCSA faculty and staff to guide you through the immigration and customs process.

Option Two - Individual Travel

If you wish to make independent travel arrangements and depart from a city not listed or travel outside the program dates please choose INDEPENDENT TRAVEL from the selection below. You will book your own flights and arrange your own transportation to/from the airport and the accommodation site of the program. This is a great option for going early, staying late, or using airline miles to purchase tickets. We highly recommend participants not fly standby for these programs as a late arrival may negatively impact your grade.

Important Note for Independent Travelers: Please be aware that your check-in date may be up to 24 hours AFTER the program start date (program dates include travel time).

Check the CCSA website at for your scheduled date/time check-in.

* All prices are estimates based on prior programs. Final pricing will be published on the CCSA website by the first payment deadline.


Not required for U.S. citizens for less than a 3-month stay. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa as needed.

Program Dates
June 18, 2023 —July 03, 2023

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Payment Process
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Enrollment Status: OPEN

$150 Early Application Fee Deadline
February 17, 2023
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Courses Offered

Art & Design

Drawing London: The Art of Urban Sketching
Course Description: London has been luring travelers for centuries – both for its long, rich history and for its contemporary marvels. In this course you will document through drawing some of London’s historical locations such as The Tower of London and Greenwich Observatory and explore unfamiliar places such as outdoor markets, cemeteries, parks, and eateries where you will hone your drawing skills while observing and recording the people and culture of Britain. This class will provide you with instruction in technical skills such as watercolor, perspective and composition, while stimulating your creativity with visits to museums such as Tate Modern and The Cartoon Museum and excursions outside London to places like Dover and Oxford.
Prerequisite: One drawing course or equivalent
Prof. Elizabeth Neal | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Communication / Media Studies / Film & Broadcasting

Digital Storytelling: Exploring England
Course Description: Everyone has a story to tell, and in this class, students will develop their own stories as they relate to the culture of England by creating audio and video projects on location. We will examine digital media as a tool for seeing, exploring, and expressing cultural identity. While visiting ancient sites, cathedrals, museums and attending concerts, students will document their experience as a participant observer during this historical time. You're invited to take advantage of this opportunity to develop your cultural competency and sensitivity in the process of documenting intercultural stories in Ireland.
Prerequisite: None
Ann Andaloro, Ph.D | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U / G

Creative Writing / English / Literature

Creative Writing in the World’s Most Inspiring City
Course Description: London has been inspiring writers since long before Charles Dickens ever put pen to paper and continues to do so with exciting contemporary authors like Zadie Smith. We will use the sights, sounds, energy, and literary history of London as inspiration to create short stories and poems. In each class we will use fun, innovative writing exercises in a supportive environment fit for first-timers and experienced writers alike. In addition, students will dive deeper into the literary history of London by visiting historic homes of writers like Keats and Dickens, as well as exploring the British Library, and attending a literary reading.
Prerequisite: None
Prof. Patrick Wensink | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Food Science / Chemistry

Flavor Research Training in England
Course Description: Explore flavor science and flavor research in London in this class that features a combination of lectures and hands-on activities from bread making and chocolates to beer and wine. The class will include visits to manufacturing sites and tastings as well as a visit to an English university renowned for its work in flavor research. Students participating in this session will come away with a deeper understanding of the minute details (ingredients and processing) involved in flavor development of our many cherished food products. In addition, the opportunity to discuss flavor creation with experts and to have your own chance at creating a flavor will be one of the highlights of the class.
Prerequisite: Freshman Chemistry
Prof. Li Li Zyzak | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

International Business / Management / Legal Studies

British Business, Law and Brexit
Course Description: As Britain experiences the aftermath of leaving the European Union, constructing a new trade agreement with the EU, dealing with immigration and boundaries, nowhere is better suited for studying the impact of Brexit than London. Gain understanding of the implications of Brexit for US, UK and EU companies through meetings with business managers, visiting offices and production facilities of multinational corporations, and observing British law and its parliamentary system. Through this unique on-site learning experience in London, you'll acquire insights into the shifts in economic power among international players that come with Brexit and into the nature of global trade, laws, marketing, currency, production and tariffs.
Prerequisite: None
Lynnette A. Guzzino, J.D., MIM | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Literature / English

British Literature Transformed: English Writers in the Postcolonial Era
Course Description: The traditional British literary canon of Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen has not been the same since the post-WWII generation. Black, Asian, and Middle Eastern writers from the colonies emigrated to London and the rest of the UK, and their perspectives on race, class, and nationality transformed Britain’s idea of itself. This class will visit cultural sites like the Museum of London, the British Museum, and the Black Cultural Archives that tell stories of colonialism and immigration. At the same time, we will read some pivotal examples of postcolonial literature and explore the urban neighborhoods in which these works are set in order to develop a rich and complex understanding of contemporary Britain.
Prerequisite: None
Dr. Kate Harlin | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Literature / English

The Literature of Place: London and Its Authors
Course Description: What does it mean to be a "Londoner"? In this class, we'll explore that question by reading poetry and short stories from great British writers on the ground in London! Our focus will be on pieces that show us what it means to be a Londoner. And then we'll crisscross the city visiting all the great literary hangouts: the Globe Theatre, Charles Dickens' home, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey, and explore many of the famous Blue Plaques around the city. In addition to the many literary sites, we'll visit the world-famous markets, Kew Gardens, and many of the museums that make London what it is! This course is suitable for majors and non-majors at any level.
Prerequisite: None
Prof. Sarah Blackwell | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Literature / English / Film Studies

Monstrous Metropolis: Gothic London in Victorian Literature
Course Description: Full of ghosts and gore, hauntings and horror, monsters and murders, Gothic literature has delighted and terrified readers for over two centuries. This course focuses on Victorian London, the labyrinthine city which inspired such Gothic tales as Jekyll and Hyde and Dracula as well as works by Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, and others. Explore London haunts which inspired the Victorian Gothic (including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Highgate Cemetery); trace the artistic and architectural elements of Gothic London; and stalk the dark locales of Jack-the-Ripper. Tentative field trips include Rochester, Cambridge, Strawberry Hill, and Bath.
Prerequisite: An introductory literature course.
Dr. Dan Shea | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U / G

Political Science

The Curious Case of the Modern British
Course Description:

This course will answer the question of who is really in charge in the UK – a country with a parliamentary monarchy and as many unwritten as written rules of government. To unravel the mystery, students will explore the workings of government in various sites, like the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and London’s City Hall, while observing at close quarters the impact of policies and politics on the daily lives of British citizens. This class offers students an immersive, exciting way of studying political science and will likely inspire new ways of thinking about government.

We will visit various sites in and around London that represent different places of power of the British government, both historically and in modern times. Our class will also meet as a group before and after visiting these sites to discuss their importance, influence, and connections to each other.

Prerequisite: Three hours of introductory political science or consent of the instructor.
Prof. Kim Kerns | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Pop Culture / Communication / Broadcasting & Media Studies / Music

Pop Culture in the UK: Sports, Music, Movies & More
Course Description: Explore the UK's incredible influence on popular culture throughout the world in this class focused on how British musicians, films and sports institutions have had a huge impact on global trends. Learning experiences will include visiting sites associated with some of the greatest pop musicians, such as London's Abbey Road Studio and Liverpool's Magical Mystery Tour. The UK's impact on the silver screen will be the focus during visits to the London Film Museum, the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio and Edinburgh's Infinity Wars film locations. Field trips are planned for historic sports venues such as Wimbledon, Wembley Stadium, and the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews. Open to all undergraduate majors.
Prerequisite: None
Prof. Barry Gresham | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Sports Management / Communication

British and American Communication and Sport
Course Description: Sports are integral to identity and reflect cultural beliefs, rituals, and traditions. This class will engage you in a series of learning experiences that highlight the differences and similarities in the communicative practices observed in the US and the UK as they relate to sports. By visiting sites such as the 2012 Olympic Games stadium, the World Rugby Museum, a Premier League football club, a cricket ground, Wimbledon, and other less formal athletic venues, this class will address issues such as fan loyalty development, athlete equity, international club ownership, community investment, the mythology of sports heroes, and how communication is central to the business and culture of sports.
Prerequisite: None
Dr. Stephen Yungbluth | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U / G

Theatre / English / Literature / Communication

Exploring London’s Rich Theatrical Storytelling
Course Description: Beginning with the script and ending with captivating live performances in London's world- renowned theatre district, this course offers performers, playwrights, designers, and anyone interested in performative storytelling a rich exploration of London’s theatrical scene. Featured activities include attending a Globe Theatre performance, experiencing Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio, hearing guest speakers discuss current theatre techniques, taking backstage tours, and a field trip to Henry the VIII’s Hampton Court Palace. Comparing British theatrical conventions with American ones and discovering new ways of storytelling are some of the topics to be covered in this collaborative class.
Prerequisite: None
Prof. Corrie Danieley | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U