British Perspectives on Modern Personal Wealth Management

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Associate Professor - Department of Economics and Finance

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British Perspectives on Modern Personal Wealth Management

Program Dates:
July 18, 2021 – Aug 2, 2021

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
FIN 161

Finance , Business

Course Description:
Increase your financial literacy by exploring in this class the historical evolution of personal wealth management. Since London houses the UK’s central bank, the nation’s premier stock exchange, money markets, derivative exchanges, financial regulators and all the major types of financial institutions, there’s no better place than London for a student to learn about the financial industry that serves the nation and the individual. Visits to various financial institutions such as HSBC international banking corporation, the Bank of England, the London Money Market Association, the Insurance Institute of London (Lloyd’s), and the London Business School will facilitate students’ understanding of how the US and UK personal wealth management systems align and differ.


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