Exploring Graphic Design & Typography in London

Prof. Matthew Walsh (More Info)

Exploring Graphic Design & Typography in London

Program Dates:
December 14, 2020 —March 21, 2021

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
ART 496

Art & Design , Art History

Course Description:
Explore the history of graphic design and typography in the city famous for its role in creating modern art and design. We will trace how the tools of typography and graphic design evolved in commercial and entertainment enterprises in visiting the Design Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Cartoon Museum, in addition to visiting contemporary design studios. Students will map their experience through journaling, writing, and sketching of studio, gallery, and museum visits, while also collecting material in order to create a typeface or style to express their design journey within London.

Follow this link to watch a video where Professor Matthew Walsh answers questions about his London Experience 20-21 course. HERE

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Physical Activity Requirements:
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Course Highlights:

You will explore historic sites and institutions that have played a huge part in shaping modern design and typography.

You will have a chance to meet and visit contemporary graphic design studios in London and the surrounding area.

You will visit the Design Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Cartoon Museum in order to see how graphic design and typography were used in making art and culture. You will encounter other forms of art: visual, literary, and music in how they relate to graphic design.

You'll visit some of the world-famous destinations in London as well as vibrant little corners of the city.

This class is about finding your way in your life, your career, your understanding of design and the arts; that the trip is about exploring and documenting.

You will be able to engage with a physical connection to the invisible world of design around us.

You will explore different ways of mapping the world around you, from traditional charts full of graphic design, to more artistic and literary approaches. A map is just a record of a place, and your map is how you remember your place.

You'll make a typeface or type style to give the spirit of your journey to everything you write about that journey. This can be inspired by images and histories that you find, or it can be fanciful and open to the spirit that finds you.

The class is open to students in any field of design, and to students with all levels of experience with the arts (including no experience whatsoever). It's the perfect course to use to fill a Fine Arts, Humanities, Interdisciplinary, or Liberal Studies requirement in the major or minor, and can also be taken as a Gen Ed or elective.