Pomp, Proper, and Punk: Principles of British Society

Joseph Simpson (More Info)

Pomp, Proper, and Punk: Principles of British Society

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Sociology , Social Work , Race & Ethnicity , Pop Culture

Course Description:
Learn the principles of sociology through immersion in British culture in one of the great cities of the world, London. Apply sociology techniques on the streets of London while you learn the basics of sociological research. Cope with resocialization in a foreign country while you study the processes of socialization. Absorb culture at the British Museum, the world’s most comprehensive collection of cultural artifacts. Encounter the breadth of social inequality from Buckingham Palace to council house rows. This introductory sociology course is open to all majors and may fulfill general education requirements at student’s home institution.


Physical Activity Requirements:
The physical expectation would be walking 3-5 miles a day in urban areas. Early starts and long days will also be required.

Course Highlights:
Pomp, Proper, and Punk: Principles of British Sociology is an introductory sociology course open to all majors that may fulfill general education requirements. It can be taken in conjunction with Betwixt and Between: Social Problems in the U.S. and the U.K. allowing a student to potentially get credit in two common general education requirements in sociology. In this class, you will learn by doing. Assignments will be structured around experiencing, observing, and engaging with the culture of London. Visit organizations, museums, and cultural events both in London and nearby locations ith guided yours to place them in historical and sociological context. These may include the following: see a play by Shakespeare at the Globe Theater; visit the International Museum of Slavery in Liverpool and visit the home of the Beatles; Visit Windsor castle to see how the social hierarchy of British society over time; Vist Canterbury and witness 2000 years of religious history. Learn the principles of sociology in a society that is not your own.