They Did What? Science & Ethics in the UK

Dr. Robert Shelton (More Info)

They Did What? Science & Ethics in the UK

Program Dates:
December 14, 2020 —March 21, 2021

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
CHEM 475

Chemistry , History , Philosophy

Course Description:
Science and medicine are driving forces advancing society in hopeful ways. But they also raise fears that good discoveries can sometimes be abused. In this class we will explore the darker side of science and consider the ethical dilemmas that confront scientists, physicians, and society as science and medicine have evolved. Sites where we will explore these issues include Fleming's Lab at St. Mary's Hospital London (drug discovery and testing), and the Freud Museum in London (interpretive vs. empirical science).

Follow this link to watch a video where Dr. Shelton answers questions about his London Experience 20-21 course. HERE

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Course Highlights:

Why take this course? In 1989 the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies stated &"Lack of formal discussion about responsible research practice and the ethics of research is a serious flaw in the professional training of young scientists and clinicians". Since then in anonymous surveys conducted; One in three scientists responded and admitted to questionable research practices. Research misconduct cases handled by the US Office of Research Integrity are at an all-time high!

And retractions of scientific papers have increased exponentially since 2005.

Let's learn from our mistakes!

Topics and associated field trips may include the following: Biologization of ethics: The Descent of Man by Darwin. - Natural History Museums in London and Dublin Cambridge or Oxford University The race for the double helix. - Faraday and Science Museums We can't unlearn something! Ethical dilemmas within forensic science. - Jack the Ripper Walk

They call that surgery? - London's Old Operating Theatre Penicillin's less than ethical start. - Fleming's Lab at St. Mary's Hospital Analyzing Freud! Interpretive vs. empirical science. - The Freud Museum Euthanasia, Death & Dying - Glasnevin Cemetery The role of statistics in ethics. - St. James Gate Brewery Current ethical standards and practices in science. - Trinity College in Dublin Although a Chemistry course the prerequisite is only one semester of any STEM course.

This will be Dr. Shelton's 5th time teaching a two-week course with CCSA. But the first time teaching this particular course.