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Chronic Disease Management through the Eyes of British Culture

Irina Sergeyeva (More Info)

Chronic Disease Management through the Eyes of British Culture

Program Dates:

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

Nursing , Health Care Administration , Social Work , Psychology

Course Description:
Britain was one of the first countries to develop a system for combating premature death and managing chronic disease (CD). In this course designed for nursing, pre-med, social work, psychology, and healthcare majors, students will gain insights into how the British pioneered in important aspects of health care through visits to the Science Museum, the Florence Nightingale Museum and Oxford University. By connecting with students from the University of London and visiting medical facilities, you will learn about the roles of health care professionals and compare the CD management models and strategies used in Britain with those of the United States.


Physical Activity Requirements:
should be able to walk 5 miles a day.

Course Highlights:
Explore the history of medicine, cultural beliefs, the rise of preventive care by visiting the London Science museum; Recognize the influence of nursing theory on the contemporary chronic disease management by visiting Florence Nightingale’s museum; Discuss the healthcare system that addresses the issues related to the chronic conditions of residents by visiting a London hospital and a community center; Observe and evaluate the British healthcare system and methods implemented by medical facilities to manage the chronically ill population by touring Royal London hospital; Discover historical events that lead to preventive care development by participating in the walking tour around London; Establish contact with Health Science students and explore the educational preparation and the roles of health care professionals in chronic disease management by visiting the London University; Walk through the maze of side streets and learn about the development of miasma theory, historical figures and places in London, and first government regulations of public health; Learn about Roman culture contribution to British science of public health by visiting the City of Bath; Explore research work related to chronic disease epidemiology done by Oxford University by visiting Oxford city. Analyze, and compare your experiences and new discoveries.