British Sport and Media

Donald Lowe (More Info)

British Sport and Media


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Pop Culture , Communication , Film And Media Studies

Course Description:
This course explores in depth the relationship between communication and sport, examining theories of communication and connecting them to sport. Our focus will be on the question, what is the relationship between sport and race, gender, class, violence, community, and society throughout the United Kingdom? To answer that question, we will visit many British media outlets including but not limited to the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Daily Telegraph newspaper, in additional to sporting venues such as Manchester City soccer stadium, Wimbledon Tennis Club, Lord’s Cricket Grounds, Royal Ascot racing track, the British Racing Authority and more.


Physical Activity Requirements:
Contact faculty for physical activity requirements.

Course Highlights:
Discover the vast number of sports enjoyed in Great Britain Learn the basics of sports like cricket, football, (we call it soccer) rugby, tennis, golf, horse racing, motor car racing from the British perspective Visit stadiums including Manchester City, Wimbledon, Lord’s Cricket, London Arsenal Enjoy live action at Wimbledon, London Arsenal, Lord’s Cricket, Royal Arsenal (horseracing), and more Tour British media including BBC Studios in Manchester, The Daily Telegraph in London and more Understand the relationship between sports and media in today’s Britain. 3 Credit Hours earned in four weeks - Open to ALL students - undergraduate and graduate; ALL majors