Old Meets New: London Theatre in Performance

Professor Corrie Danieley (More Info)

Old Meets New: London Theatre in Performance

Program Dates:
July 18, 2021 – Aug 2, 2021

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
THEA 499

Theater , Literature , Communication , History

Course Description:
Explore British Theatre and performance through a classical and contemporary lens using the city as your stage and the London theatre district as your artistic playground. This course enhances the critical eye of the artist as well as builds upon the artist’s body as creative instrument. Blending performance-based classes and workshops with critical thinking and collaborative learning, students from all disciplines will benefit and grow into healthier, stronger performers and communicators. We’ll bring history to life by visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace, attending a performance at the Globe Theatre, and learning English Country Dance in Hyde Park, while also experiencing brand new theatre works.

Minimum of sophomore standing and completion of basic college writing course. Students will be expected to participate in daily physical exercises designed to enhance communication and body/spatial awareness.

Physical Activity Requirements:
Average of 4 to 5 miles walking each day.

Course Highlights:
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