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Australia Experience & London Experience
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Australian Ecosystems

Dr. Ruth E. Beattie (More Info)

Australian Ecosystems

Program Dates:
December 26, 2017 - January 9, 2018

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:


Course Description:
Swim with turtles at the Great Barrier Reef, observe kangaroos in the wild, participate in a conservation project to preserve a koala habitat, and hike in the tropical rainforests on Queensland. This course will focus on the biodiversity of selected Australian terrestrial ecosystems (tropical rainforests, eucalyptus forests and mangroves) and the marine ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef and will include an examination of the ecological consequences of human activities on these ecosystems.

One semester of biology

Physical Activity Requirements:
Should be able to (a) carry own luggage through airports and to hotel room, (b) scramble over rough terrain, and (c) walk at least 5 miles on most days

Course Highlights:
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