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The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad seeks faculty looking for fresh ways to teach in a short-term, study abroad program. CCSA offers teaching opportunities in English-speaking countries during the short winter term and longer summer term.

CCSA’s format offers the individual faculty-led study abroad model within a consortia so faculty may draw upon a large pool of students without having to manage all the logistics before, during and after the course. In exchange for the administrative support and program structure, faculty collaborate with colleagues teaching other courses within the same program.


  • CCSA handles the logistical and financial arrangements for your course, along with the applications, hotels, transportation, course registration, insurance and risk management.
  • CCSA program administrators manage the on-site details in collaboration with the faculty.
  • Your flight, lodging, per diem and many meals covered by CCSA.
  • Ability to recruit participants from all CCSA member institutions.
  • Students from non-member institutions may also apply, which opens the door for more students to participate in your course.
  • Faculty teach one course on programs of two to four weeks length.
  • Professional development opportunities available through directing programs.
  • Discounted family and/or companion rate available.


  • Any full-time, tenure track or tenured faculty member from a CCSA member institution.
  • -or-
  • Retired and emeritus faculty who continue to teach part-time, with the approval and support of the appropriate department at their institution
  • -or-
  • Full-time non-tenure track faculty with appropriate academic credentials are eligible to apply provided that their request is endorsed at the time by an appropriate dean, indicating that the faculty member has a reasonable expectation of being employed during the time the program is being offered and that should the course be approved the university will provide the required letter of support. As our proposals are due approximately 15 months in advance of the actual program dates, this endorsement is necessary to minimize student disappointment if the course must be cancelled because the faculty member is no longer teaching at a CCSA institution.
  • Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty - Faculty employed in less than a full-time capacity by a CCSA member school with appropriate academic credentials are eligible to propose a course provided that their request is endorsed at the time by the Campus Representative and by an appropriate dean (or designee), indicating that the faculty member has a reasonable expectation of being employed during the time the program is being offered. The endorsement includes both a Campus Approval form and the online approval of the Campus Representative as both are necessary to minimize student disappointment if the course must be cancelled because the faculty member is no longer teaching at a CCSA institution.

  • NOTE: Faculty who anticipate being on sabbatical or other type of leave for either semester prior to the date of the program should defer their application to a subsequent year, as presence on campus is necessary to engage in successful recruitment of students.

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Join an existing program:

Teach side-by-side with other CCSA faculty and staff on one of our regular programs. Winter courses typically run from December 26 - January 8 while summer courses vary based on the location.

  • Ease of setup - hotels, transportation, programs directors and more have been developed by faculty over the years for a truly unforgettable experience. Design your course, recruit your students, and let CCSA handle the rest.
  • Lower cost for students - since many aspects of the program (directors, travel etc.) are shared between multiple courses the overall program cost is kept low for students.


CCSA Custom Global Programs

Looking to teach a stand-alone course? Let CCSA manage your custom program.

CCSA Custom Global organizes short-term (eight weeks or less) “faculty-directed” credit and non-credit programs in US domestic and English-speaking international locations. Custom programs enable schools to control their programs while CCSA provides logistical support. The school selects the program leaders and approves the program, then CCSA Custom Global helps make it happen.

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  • Customer Testimonails

    This experience was transformational for many of the students who took the class seriously. They learned firsthand about the historical and cultural differences that made science difficult and rewarding during its rich history in England. The hours of preperation, networking, and scheduling made this experience an unforgettable once in a lifetime class. I look forward to teaching my next class with CCSA. I hope all of my students in the future where as wonderful and hardworking as this group!

    Bob Shelton Faculty, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  • Customer Testimonails

    I feel that I am a more well-rounded and experienced faculty member. This opportunity is a benefit to my college and department. I have also been able to connect with new faculty and students, broadening networks and academic resources. It also allows me to produce work, expanding my professional is a wonderful experience…

    Darrell Kincer Faculty, Georgetown College
  • Customer Testimonails

    To study the history of london, particularly the transatlantic slave trade in the era of revolution, it is essential to be on-site and to see firsthand how power, money, and activism all worked...While books are powerful, there is no substitute for the daily walks, exploration of museums, and what one learns from getting the lay of the land

    Patricia Minter Faculty, Western Kentucky University
  • Customer Testimonails

    Without the museums in London and Dublin and the Stone Age monuments, the course would have been hollow or two-dimensional. Former students of mine doing graduate work in England gave students valuable insights from their first hand knowledge and experiences.

    Michael Simonton Faculty, Northern Kentucky University
  • Customer Testimonails

    The support is great. Families are welcome. The location is great. Travel and transportation are easy. There are tons of exciting, informative places to take students... Overall a great experience!

    Laura Hartford Faculty, Bellarmine University

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