CCSA 40th Anniversary Stories

Pauline “Polly” Ramey "Dear Folks of the CCSA, It is grand to learn of the growth of CCSA! Good foundation! Good leadership! Good work! Keep it up! Good work! I highly regard your efforts. I cannot come to the CCSA Event 🙁. My abilities for travel are gone when I compare to the 1980's. However, I am so happy to be with you all in my memories. Thank you for asking me. I'm now “moving on!” I am so very pleased to have been invited to attend. Yes, I am somewhat impaired and my abilities are sparse… But! I am filled with love of my memories; all from CCSA- the good and the trying plus the funny!! My realities now are moving on and toward the big 90+? Mike you gave it a great job: Western, Northern, Morehead and NOW ALL!!! Thank you CCSA, Pauline Ramey"

Heather Schieman #2 "2007 was coined the 'The Summer of Potter' and I was fortunate to be part of the London summer program during the final Harry Potter book release. Five of us: myself (from EKU), Matt Grimes, Jennie Freimoeller, Carlee Frank, and Emily Haggart (all from Western Oregon University) waited for over four hours, in a line that wrapped around the streets of London, to buy our books from the Waterstones Bookstore downtown. Earlier in the day, we attended the MuggleNet Podcast (a new concept at the time) to hear all the commentary, theories, and the collective sadness that the book series was ending and then immediately moved into the line where we met people from all of the world. That night we shared our love of these books with the thousands of people who waited with us. Everyone was dressed in character. Had flown in from all of the world. And was ready and willing to talk about their love of the series. We spent a memorable evening all in celebration of these books that had a profound impact on all of our lives. A little after 2 a.m. we finally received our books and immediately buried our noses in the opening pages. Including while we waited for and road the night bus back to Kidderpore Ave in West Hampstead. I look back on this night an it always brings me so much joy and I recognize how fortunate I was to be in London for this notable moment in literary history. "(Pictured: Jennie, Carlee and Emily as we waited for the Night Bus)

Michele Price "Dear CCSA staff, colleagues, friends, I'm so excited about the 40-year celebration for CCSA. Not many organizations last this long and survive all of the ups and downs of higher education, the economy, and world events. CCSA has managed to do so, and I know that is the result of dedicated people from CCSA and each member institution. I'm so grateful to CCSA for the friendships I've formed with wonderful faculty members from member institutions, and for friendships formed while working in London, especially at King's College and the Washington Mayfair. CCSA has given me so much, and I'll always be grateful for the years I was able to contribute."

Michele Gore "Move out day London Summer 2003. Maggie Monteverde and Celia Wall, program directors, kept things running smoothly."

Gretchen Vaughn "THEATRE! It's all about theatre and the experiences I had during 30 years of CCSB and CCSA travels. After much deliberation, I've narrowed down the memorable theatre productions to three, and that was not easy! Seeing Judi Dench as the matriarch in The Royal Family in 2001, from third row center, check. Seeing David Suchet as Salieri in Amadeus in 1998, second place. In addition to his acting, the set design was phenomenal. The winner, though, has to be seeing Mark Rylance as Viola in the all-male production of Twelfth Night in 2012. The entire experience was incredible, starting with the performers being dressed on stage and thus changing their gender with bumrolls and boned bodices. Having studied the Japanese onnagata, Rylance appeared to float across the stage--absolutely mesmerizing! Thus, I offer my heartfelt thanks to the organization that is CCSA for their decades of hard work to provide the best education for students, professors and administrators."

Heather Schieman "In the summer of 2004 I studied abroad on the London Summer program as a student who wanted nothing more than to move beyond the comfort of my Ohio/Kentucky upbringing. I was the first in my family to go abroad, and this was an uncharted experience for me and my family as a whole. By happenstance, within the first week abroad, I met a girl whose name I can't even remember, but she told me she was the RA and the basic steps she took to get the role. After an unforgettable summer abroad, I had the typical reentry struggles of being home and I wanted nothing more than to return to London and seek that experience again. What happened turned into the most life altering experience of my life."
Photo participants:Jennie Freimoeller (WOU RA), Heather (EKU RA), Maggie Monteverde, Ron Cella, and Emily Haggart (WOU RA)

Tina Coffelt "The CCSA experience was life changing and in a short time. I was at Murray State University for four years, participated in three CCSA programs, and served on the CCSA trustees for one. While brief, the colleagues, students, and travels are the most memorable and meaningful of a 20+ year career in higher education. CCSA made teaching study abroad a reality, something I thought would be unattainable in my career. Thanks to those who started CCSA and those who have kept it moving forward over the years. The study abroad programs are life changing for students and for faculty, too."

Michele Gore "This was my first CCSA class: London Summer 1999. We were on a field trip to Sigmund Freud's office and museum."